dbcOS Refrigeration NH3 / CO2 Refrigeration applications and systems.

SST Refrigeration Control

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Our refrigeration control system is based on the knowledge and experience of the end-users who utilize the systems, the refrigeration contractors who help to implement the systems, and our own people. The current system represents over 30 years of development. The core system provides functionality that simply can't be replicated using standard PLC/HMI development platforms. In effect, the custom programming procedures that would be required in a PLC-based system are replaced by simple site-specific configuration procedures. One of the most impressive aspects of the system is that we're told by our customers that the system truly pays for itself through energy cost savings in a short period of time.

The system is based on our Signal Server Technology design. All features and control algorithms provided by the system have been successfully implemented at over 400 facilities. The system allows for plant-wide system control and can quickly be custom configured to suit a specific customer's needs. The operating system provides drivers to monitor/control standard PLC I/O rack component systems produced by all major manufacturers (AB, GE, Opto22, AutomationDirect, etc...).

The operating system and associated refrigeration control software have evolved together over the years to become a product that can now be easily configured to literally handle anything a customer may need to do with an environmental control system.

Features and Benefits:

-Cost-Effective Reliable Solution
-True Open-Architecture Design
Large International User Community (over 400 systems in operation)
Communication Drivers for all Screw Compressor Micro-Controllers
-Manual I/O Control Overrides
-User-Definable Control Processes
-Remote 24/7/365 Support
-Unlimited Engine Room Schedules
-Blast Run-Time Interval Control Schemes
-Temperature Setback Scheduling
-Proportional VFD Temperature Control
-Shed Load by Demand Power Features
-MOA Terminals for each Output
-Monthly Training Sessions
-Control System Open Source
-Detailed Energy Consumption Reports

  • Version 1 Refrigeration Software Manual
  • High Rez V2 Refrigeration Software Manual
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